Web Design Company

We operate our web design company to offer site development focused on usefulness for internet marketing and search engine ranking, with an eye on presentation. Our Michigan SEO web design services are perfect for small business, with the full range of site design consulting and web development capabilities.

Denver web design company Denver seo web designHiring a competent graphic design firm to do your website design will result in a more fluid structure to the site and friendlier looking design. Sure, purely programming companies create websites, but generally they’re not as user-friendly, nor attractive, nor do they incorporate SEO Michigan  web design for marketability. You are better off finding a  internet marketing company like ours to handle your web design, and if you end up needing some functionality beyond the norm, we have a programmer on staff who also happens to have a masters in internet communication.

See commonly asked  Website design questions.

Custom Website Development

Historically our forte has been unique, custom, graphic oriented, sites that reinforce your branding to the maximum extent. While we still enjoy doing that, the recent trends in web design has been more toward clean and simple designs that focus the attention on the message. We still do those custom web site designs, but are adept at customization of websites based on a framework that allows for more cost effective web design and tends to be more minimalist compared to the intensive graphic sites of the past.

Web Design for Mobile Devices

With mobile users growing 200% year over year, it is estimated that by 2014 more people will view websites on a mobile device, such as a smartphone than on their PC! We made sure we were ahead of that curve! michigan seo mobile website design is a priority with us. We can either convert your current site, or add an entire mobile site to your existing site and automate the process so that viewers are taken to the mobile site when accessing your main site with a mobile device.

Blog Web Design and Development

If you have an existing site, we can match the blog to the rest of your website. Or if the website is getting on in years, we can freshen it up by moving it to a framework that will allow you to make page content changes on your own such as making it mobile friendly, and adding a blog, which will help you with marketing. The web design can remain the same or we can freshen it up while we are doing the other work.

We are often asked, “Can I make updates to my own site without contacting you each time?” The answer depends on your requirements but, yes we realize the importance of this for small businesses. As a web design company for small business we build most sites this way now – in a content management system. It will take some training on the front end to get you up to speed on how to make changes, but it is well worth the time.

Just be aware that to get the most marketing benefit out of your site, the content writing, along with the Michigan SEO of the pages must be done in a certain way. You can easily sabotage your own site effectiveness with the search engines.

Web Design for Small Businesses

As a small business, we know how to respect a smaller budget and work to get the most out of it. Michigan SEO web design is even more important for small businesses trying to make a name for themselves, than for larger established businesses. Michigan SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is how we get Google to show your page.

Michigan SEO content is important to save you as much in future marketing costs as possible.

Small business web design doesn’t have to look cheap or sparse. That said, we do need to have a certain starting point, budget wise, that we need in order to do it right and give your website the framework it needs to expand upon. It may sound self-serving, but you definitely want to avoid companies that give you a bid of a couple hundred dollars to do a website. Michigan SEO web design simply cannot be done, even with using overseas labor, for a couple hundred dollars. Talk about your apples and oranges comparisons! What do I get for the extra money?

Our Michigan seo web design company, Camrud Design, is built around small business web design needs, whether it be a new site from scratch, or a reworking of your old site. we am here to get your site not only looking professional but also to be useful in online marketing and to be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.